Introducing New Product Categories -Luxury Collection & Everyday Unique Style

Introducing New Product Categories -Luxury Collection & Everyday Unique Style
April 27, 2016 Deborah Jayne
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Been busy today adding new pieces to the web shop AND  I have split my jewellery into 2 main categories;

The ‘LUXURY COLLECTION’ is for the real WOW pieces!  As always, every piece is a One Of A Kind mini work of art, with the vintage centrepiece being my inspiration starting point.  Just how wonderful to give these little lost treasures the chance to be loved again in a completely new way!  Here is just one my new creations – some vintage bracelet links used now as the dramatic Gothic style focus.  This dramatic choker necklace also has a mix of vintage crystals & faux pearls, with modern & recycled metallics ~ £90.00



Then we have the ‘EVERYDAY UNIQUE STYLE’ pieces.  These are for a more relaxed, subtle look; still with a lovely mix of vintage & modern, but less ‘statement’!  This is one of the 3 pieces I have just made using recycled modern bracelet links as the centrepiece ~ £30.00


And this lovely piece also recycles a modern bracelet link as the subtle mid-point.  The gorgeous interplay of sparkle with metallic copper works so well.  This would work beautifully on its own, but would also look fabulous layered up with complementary pieces to GLAM it up! £32.00