Great Creative Start To The Week!

Great Creative Start To The Week!
April 12, 2016 Deborah Jayne
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A lovely mix of new pieces made today!  A gorgeous necklace destined for my Luxury Collection ~ I have reworked a vintage purple paste cascading branch as the centrepiece.  Formerly an old brooch, and despite it’s broken pin to the back, in good condition to the front ~ the stones are a wonderful rich & bright colour.  I love mixing up new & old to create interesting & beautiful combinations, & here I have used semi-precious Amethysts, vintage iridescent crystals & modern purple facets.

Next, onto a more subtle piece, perfect for my Everyday Unique Style Collection.  Using some of the same vintage crystals, mixed up with vintage faux pearls & various other beads, drawing your eye to the sparkly centrepiece.  This circular motif is not vintage but recycled from a broken modern bracelet, but still fits with my aesthetic & mantra of ‘Never Discard!’.

Finally I finished off with these two WOW Collage Necklace centrepieces.  I get excited about building up these beautiful mini collections of disparate bits & bobs.  Again combining old & new to create unique whimsical little pictures.  A productive day, & then it’s time to pick up the kids from school!  Photo 12-04-2016, 10 47 02