Ethical Jewellery & My Philosophy

ethical jewellery gorgeous reworked upcycled artisan jewellery
reworked gorgeous upcycled handcrafted ethical jewellery

Ethical Jewellery & My Philosophy:  

One of the main reasons I started Deborah Jayne was an overwhelming desire to make ethical jewellery that I could be proud of.  As a natural hoarder & lover of antiques, the idea of clearing out old stuff & tipping it, then replacing with newly manufactured goods has ALWAYS filled me with horror!  But in today’s world more & more people are aware of the cost to the planet, as well as to our bank balances, of rampant consumerism.  Thankfully values are changing & many of us wish to feel good about our buying habits.  But why on Earth can’t we still look GORGEOUS at the same time as feeling good about our ethical choices?  Well with Deborah Jayne you can!

Eco-Friendly Policy:  

Environmental issues are a major part of Deborah Jayne’s philosophy. We try very hard to limit any negative impact through the following key principles;

  • We use vintage or recycled elements as the starting point & throughout all our designs
  • We attempt to source any semi-precious stones & new components locally
  • We use recycled and eco-friendly packaging from The Tiny Box Company
  • We are extremely careful when recycling our own waste
  • We avoid paper mail as much as possible and use electronic mail whenever we can