Jewellery Commissions

rescue keepsake sentimental commission redesign vintage

Jewellery Commissions now make up a substantial part of my business.  My customers find that it is such a special thing to have someone design & make a piece of jewellery just for them, & it’s a surprisingly affordable luxury.

Most of the commissions I do involve transforming & adding a contemporary twist to an old, sentimental piece of jewellery.  I specialise in making Heirloom Jewellery; something that has special significance to you & your family, and will be enjoyed for generations to come.  For example, an old brooch that a relative passed on to you could be made into a beautiful necklace.  Most of us keep sentimental trinkets tucked away in a drawer or a box, but why don’t you rescue it & commission me to rework it into something you CANWILL wear with love.

Heirloom Jewellery Commissions start from £50 – this will include initial consultation, design work, handcrafting & presentation packaging.

Here are some examples of pieces I have re-worked for past customers…

Other Jewellery Commissions

Do you have a special occasion when you just can’t find the right accessories?  Or would like a piece of jewellery to match another item?

Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a prom or just because you love jewellery, I can make the perfect piece for your requirements.  For instance I made this eye-catching bracelet  to complement a black & white dress that my client was wearing to Royal Ascot.  Or this beautiful necklace that another client asked me to design & make to accessorise with her favourite bracelet.

Would you like to commission a bespoke gift for someone special?

I love making gifts that will mean a lot to someone & reflects their personality – maybe in their favourite colours, a significant motif, semi-precious birthstone… there are so many possibilities!  I am very happy to discuss ideas with you & come up with suggestions.  Here is a pair of earrings that I made after my client chose the colour scheme & price point of this birthday gift for her friend.  And I made this beautiful necklace as a birthday gift after the vintage star was chosen & the colours discussed.

Jewellery Repairs

I carry out a large number of costume jewellery repairs, from re-threading broken bead necklaces to fixing clasps. Whatever the damage it is worth enquiring whether I could help & I would always give you an honest & realistic appraisal.  One such example was a vintage brooch that a customer brought to me literally in pieces & asked if I could re-assemble.  It took me some time & a lot of patience, but in the end the client was absolutely thrilled with the result – a little bit of her family history restored!


rescue keepsake sentimental commission redesign vintage