Testimonials: My Customers Review my Jewellery

Customer Testimonials

“This lady makes amazing pieces of jewellery, I have quite a few in my collection now and always looking for more! I love to wear something that nobody else has and Deborah’s beautiful jewellery is perfect for me! They are like little pieces of art, so carefully crafted.  Thanks so much Deb for making me some beautiful things.” – Jessica Eden

“I absolutely love this necklace!!  The quality is amazing, and the new & old elements work really well together.  But best of all, no one else has anything else like it – it is my unique necklace!!!” – Shirelle

‘Now my Mum has downsized I’ve got her boxes of costume jewellery she’s inherited from various relatives. Deborah took some pieces that had been unworn for many years and created a beautiful necklace that I love to wear. Throughout the process Deborah consulted me and gave me options. I’m hoping to bring some more pieces back to life as well’ – Ann Schwarzenbach

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“Deborah’s jewellery is not just exquisite, each piece is truly unique.  Deborah manages to breathe new life and flare into each piece she creates.  The women I have purchased for are in complete agreement; the pieces they wear make them feel a little something more than special.” – Kyle & Karl

“I absolutely love Deborah Jayne pieces.  I was never much of a jewellery fan until now! Each piece she crafts is so original and personal and adds some much needed glam to my outfits. I now need a new jewellery box as they’re very addictive!!!” – Julie Dale

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“I have a great collection of Deborah Jayne jewellery and love to give it as gifts to my friends. The pieces are timeless, beautiful and unique. I look forward to adding to my collection soon.” – Julie Deaves

“I love the uniqueness of Deborah’s jewellery and her amazing creativity to create really stunning pieces. I have several of her necklaces and my other jewellery now tends to get neglected in preference for hers! I’ve had lots of compliments. Really striking colours and beautiful vintage/ modern combos. Can’t wait to go back and browse!” – Rachel Duncan

“I have had a wonderful time wearing my Deborah Jayne necklaces.  Each one is so individual & I feel they were made just for me!” Kerry Welsh

-Ramah Balaji