Re-Vamp Vintage Jewellery and Create Beautiful Heirloom Pieces!

Re-Vamp Vintage Jewellery and Create Beautiful Heirloom Pieces!
January 7, 2018 Deborah Jayne
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Do you have vintage costume jewellery that you would like to turn into Heirloom Jewellery to be cherished forever?  Maybe it’s your nan’s old brooch that you keep for its sentimental value… or a single earring that you have lost the pair to… or some broken old bits that are just too pretty to chuck away…

It always seems such a shame to keep old treasures hidden away, especially if they hold memories or a connection to loved ones.  But wearing jewel encrusted brooches or vintage beads is often not something people choose to do nowadays.  So often these old pieces are stored away from sight and forgotten about.  But if you could rescue an item of old jewellery, have it carefully redesigned and crafted into something you definitely would wear with pride and preserve it for the next generation, wouldn’t you consider it?  Well this is exactly what Deborah Jayne Jewellery can offer.  I run a comprehensive commission service to create beautiful and bespoke items of jewellery for my clients.  I use vintage bits that mean a lot to them as the starting point, and then design a stunning piece of Heirloom Jewellery for them to keep, love and pass on in due course.

Here are just some of the examples of work I have done in the past.

Client’s mother passed away leaving a full jewellery box of assorted costume jewellery.  He asked each of his three daughters to choose one piece for me to re-work into a piece of jewellery that they would wear and remember their grandmother by.

One necklace for each daughter, designed to suit their taste and style.  Used beads and pendants from the mixed costume jewellery collection, together with new and old beads from my personal collection and new fittings and jewellery wire.

This lady had kept these vintage family brooches tucked away in a box for years, never worn.  She was absolutely delighted to receive these two new necklaces that she absolutely loves and is so happy to have given them a new life!

I turned this exquisite early 20th Century paste set brooch into an elegant necklace.  The brooch had originally belonged to my client’s mother and now she can wear this necklace and always think of her mum.

I made the necklace with semi-precious tigers eye, vintage faux pearls and new glass bi-cone beads.

A butterfly brooch belonging to my client’s grandmother, now a pretty necklace to be enjoyed for years to come!

I loved making this piece – such a lovely piece that my client was truly moved by.  I mixed semi-precious mother-of-pearl, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, vintage crystals and new glass beads in the necklace.

£15 discount in January & February 2018

If you would like to discuss my Jewellery Commission Service in more detail please get in contact.  I am very happy to meet up with you for an informal chat to go over initial ideas and talk about your wishes.  If you decide to ask me to carry out the design work I will keep you regularly updated and offer you various options throughout.

The cost of my jewellery commission work normally starts at £50, and may increase depending on what materials I use.  For this you will end up with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of artisan jewellery that is handcrafted, unique and holds so much meaning to you.  But to kick-start 2018 I would like to offer all clients who contact me in January & February a very generous £15 discount.  So maybe now is the time to think about turning your old jewellery into memories for the future!

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